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Milk reimagined

The world's first millet-based milk

We are the world's first plant-based milk with 8g of protein, and equal levels of calcium to that of regular cow milk. Our products are allergen-free and full of nutrients. Drink milk you can feel good about!

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A little about us at Rainfed  . . . 

Growing up in a small town in India, millet was served on our founder's (Sujala)  kitchen table regularly, it was a part of everyday life. Driven by curiosity and a passion for both food and agriculture, she then pursued a Food Engineering degree in India before moving to Canada to graduate with a Master's in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Manitoba.

But, it wasn’t until she was deep into her corporate career in the industrial dairy manufacturing industry that a culmination of ideas, frustration and life experiences, that she decided to go back to her roots and explore the potential of millets. It wasn’t a comfortable transition from corporate to start-up life however, having fought gender and racial barriers many times along the way, she persisted in her goals and she is now a recognized leader in the alternative protein space.

Inspiring Sujala's journey is her 13 year-old daughter who has watched her mom rise above and create something that will leave a legacy for the next generation. Rainfed is a love letter to the planet, the farmers of India, and to you!

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