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Customer Testimonials

We all thought it was really tasty, kind of like sweeter nuttier almond milk. It worked really well over iced coffees

Staff at Dark Horse Espresso Bar in Toronto

I would drink it. I’d for sure use it for smoothies because it’s clean and has 8g of protein.

Bombay (first time drinking plant-based milk)

We've tried it on the bar and all agree it tastes great. It's a bit like some of the products we currently use, like soy and oat milk. Unlike oat milk, there's no graininess which is a big plus. The lack of allergens appeals to me, as does the nutrient content.

Coffee Program Manager - Fix Coffee

It has a pleasant flavour, you can taste the creaminess. It would be great in coffee and baking

Toronto Vegetarian Association

Testimonials: Testimonials
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