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One milk for every day, everything and everyone, rain or shine!

With millet as our hero ingredient, we have created a plant-based beverage that is as close to dairy as it gets. Rainfed M!lk's nutritional profile, taste and commitment to the planet solves your dairy needs, once and for all!

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Original Milk

Chocolate Milk

Best in class nutritional profile

8g of complete protein, same amount of Calcium as milk and has the most cleanest ingredient list you'll find on any dairy alternatives while being free of all common allergens.

As delicious as it gets

Designed by a former dairy Scientist and an ex Michelin-starred chef, our milk is created using a proprietary process and technology that delivers a great tasting product and enhances the bioavailability of nutrients, without compromising on the quality.

One M!lk, many uses

Use the milk in coffee, or over a bowl of cereal, or blend a smoothie, bake with it, cook with it or drink straight up!

Real impact on the planet through using millets

Climate-resilient millets that doesn't consume much water to grow, millet farming supports smallholder farmers, restores biodiversity and regenerates the soil! Talk about leaving the world a better place!

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